Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sarabell's dream

Just what is she dreaming about? It must be good!!
You'll have to excuse the shadow in the top right corner. That was one of the clips from my drawing board.

Madkat (short for Madeline Kate)

This is a portrait I did of my daughter. We were on vacation in North Carolina around Chimney Rock. I just happen to have caught her in some kind of deep thought and I loved the expression on her face. I get tired of the 'smiling' portraits all the time. This was a refreshing change.

My daughter is growing up so fast. It's hard to take it all in. You want to be there for every little moment of her life and it's just not possible.

Georgia On My Mind

I consider this piece to be a true stepping stone in the quality of my work when it comes to portraits. I had been on a hiatus for a little over a year. A story I'm sure to share soon for it involves the house I currently live in and 'birth' if you will, of my studio. I wanted a project that would get me into the swing of things. Not only did it get me into the swing of things but it lit an artistic fire under my rear-end!!

If you haven't guessed yet this is Ray Charles. A musical genius in my book.

Fairies of the adult variety

This piece is a couple of years old but is one of my favorites. I did a series of fairies which I will eventually post.

I kind of got tired of seeing all of the 'cartoony' fairies out there so I decided to do some rather mature fairies.

Photoshop fun

This is a cleric I created for a friend. It was actually one of the first times I've ever colored anything in photoshop. I've always dealt with Coreldraw but, when it comes to illustration Photoshop does a heck-uv-a good job.

Most recent work

This is one of my most recent works. I've always been captivated by Amy Lee's eyes (of the band Evanescence). She has a great voice to match. I usually do my graphite pieces with Mars Staedtler Lumograph pencils. On this piece I used Derwent Graphic pencils. The Lumo's have more of a 'buttery' feel to them. I like both brands but I don't see me mixing them on any given piece. I feel like I may loose consistancy.

This is also my very first blog post!! Wooo Hooo...welcome to the new millenium!!